Infinity Ring Diamond

Infinity Ring DiamondAn infinity ring diamond sparkles like no other, but this shine goes away once it starts to accumulate dirt. If your boyfriend or husband gave you this kind of ring for your engagement or wedding celebration, then you may see this piece of jewellery as the most precious of all. However, wearing it daily as a sign of your continuous and undying love may dull the diamond especially if the hand it is on touches a lot of things.

Lotion, grease, oil or dirt may come in contact with the setting’s crevices and will remove the sparkle of your ring. You should handle your diamond ring cautiously so as to minimize its exposure to impurities.  In order to restore the brilliance of your infinity diamond ring and eliminate dirt, you have to clean it frequently. Here are tips to take care of your infinity ring with a diamond.

Prepare three bowls as this shall be the cleaning station for the infinity ring. These bowls have to be clean and must not have residue. In addition, get ammonia, dishwashing liquid, soft-bristled toothbrush, tissue and warm water.

In one bowl, combine one-fourth cup of ammonia and a cup of lukewarm water. Place your infinity ring inside this mixture and allow soaking for twenty minutes. Ammonia shall serve as a strong, but mild cleaning solution which shall loosen oil and dirt that has accumulated in the crevices of your setting. The residue shall not be difficult to remove after twenty minutes.

While waiting for your soaked ring in your ammonia mixture, you can pour warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid in another bowl and stir till the soap is evenly distributed. Wear rubber gloves and take away your ring from the ammonia mixture. Place the ring gently in the second bowl and swish it a bit.  To achieve a more professional clean, you can utilize a certain ultrasonic jewellery cleaner with a vibrating liquid for the removal of hardened impurities that are not easy to eliminate with just a brush.

Remove your ring from the solution and scrub it gently with a wet toothbrush dipped in your soapy water. The bristles must pass through the small crevices as well as between the setting and the diamond. Ammonia shall loosen the residue and shall not be difficult to remove. Always use a toothbrush with soft bristles as you may scratch your ring’s metal if you use harder bristles. You can also soak your ring in a bowl filled with window cleaner that is ammonia-based for one night.

Get the last bowl and fill it with warm water that is clean. Place your ring inside and then swish this around so that the soap will be removed. Should soap dry on your ring, a dulling residue may be left behind. Put your ring on a clean tissue and allow air drying. You can also use a gentle, lint-free cloth to dry your ring. Once it has dried, the ring will shine and will appear as if it were professionally cleaned.

When cleaning with a chemical like ammonia, you should always take precaution because this can create fumes and will damage your skin.

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An infinity ring diamond is expensive but its brilliance and strength will last forever. The sparkle of the diamond gives life to your ring so it is really worth saving. It is said that the strongest mineral substance on Earth is a diamond, but this does not mean it should not be properly cared for and maintained to retain its original shine.

As said earlier, diamond rings such as your infinity ring will be exposed to chemicals, dirt, dust, soap and skin oils because you wear it constantly. It is not impossible for it to turn dull. You need to clean it periodically and you must take it off when you perform rough tasks or when you take a bath so that its brilliance will remain.

When you store your infinity ring, put it inside a secure place like a compartmentalized jewellery container that is fabric-lined. Do not store your ring with your other jewellery so that chipping, scratches and scruffs will be prevented. If you do not have such a container, you can place it in your jewellery box but make sure to wrap it inside soft tissue paper for damage to be prevented. This can also maintain its sparkle.

When you clean your infinity ring, do this one to two times per week.  Be careful not to expose it to chlorine bleach as this can lead to erosion or discoloration of its setting.  You can also check out your jeweller if he has a special cleaning set intended for rings with diamonds.

When you remove your infinity diamond ring, make sure not to leave it close to the bathtub, sink, toilet or other kinds of drain. It may fall into the drain and you may never get it back.

Another way to clean your infinity ring diamond is to use washing soda or sodium carbonate. This can sustain the lustrous appearance of the diamond. It is comparable to baking soda as both are alkaline though washing soda is more powerful.

To do this, you need to pour a couple of tablespoons of washing soda in your bowl or dish. Place some drops of water into this and combine with the washing soda using a toothbrush to create a paste. Do this gradually. Brush the paste on your diamond stone and the ring band using the toothbrush. Wash away the paste using water. Use a cloth that is lint-free to dry and then polish your infinity ring.

You should always handle your ring carefully, especially if it has diamonds. The gem might fall off from the ring and might get lost. When washing it with water, make sure the water is not very hot as it could burn.

Cleaning your infinity ring diamond is important so that it will continue to sparkle and maintain its look. This is a special ring which may have been given to you on a special occasion so you need to take care of it well.

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