Infinity Ring Necklace

necklace infinity ringInfinity Ring Necklace: An Explanation to the Popularity

Even back in the infancy stages of human civilization, the infinity ring symbol (that of two loops continuously meeting each other) had always captivated the attention and affection of humans. Although its exact origin remains disputed, the symbol has appeared in numerous cultures and tribes, with its application, meaning and use changing and re-changing with each setting. Notable appearances of the infinity symbol can be found in the ancient carvings and manuscripts of Greece and Egypt, in the religious symbolisms of early Catholic relics and other religions and, more recently, in mathematics as a symbol to denote infinite values.

Most recently, however, the symbol has a big surge in popularity among the public as it becomes one of the most patronized ‘non-culturally-bound’ symbols in the world, perhaps shadowed only by the popularity of the symbol for the heart. It isn’t surprising, hence, when the masses’ affection for it gained it access even to fashion and body aesthetics – particularly in the form of infinity ring necklace jewelries.

Now symbols used as decorations for jewelry and accessories are not a new trend, yes? The symbol for the heart or love is perhaps the most commercialized symbol ever for jewelry pendants, presumably because of the universality of what it symbolizes. Relatedly, the popularity of the infinity ring can be said to also rest on the same premise – the idea of some things being infinite and following an endless cycle of birth and rebirth is a concept that just traverses cultural barriers.

The meaning and its patronage

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Notwithstanding the aesthetic appeal of the symbol (admit it, there is something absolutely entrancing in the way the infinity symbol is constructed, the endless loops gracefully curving back to each other), the symbol makes quite a fitting necklace pendant for those who want to express ‘forever’ and ‘eternity’ through their jewelry. In fact, this is probably where the appeal of the necklace lies – we all just have a fondness to express our most positive feelings (love, friendship, happiness) in terms of forever and the eternal. And a necklace with a pendant bearing the symbol for the endless and everlasting perfectly captures that, right?

Evidentiary of this unique appeal of the infinity ring necklace is its appearance in various movie plots as a favorite choice of ring necklace among couples, as well as in real-life romantic settings such as in engagement parties and weddings. A quick search on the Internet will also tell you that it’s also considered as one of the all-time most romantic gifts for women, unfailingly appearing in hits and forums as an answer to the commonly asked online question ‘what’s the most romantic gift for my girlfriend?’.

Commercialization and beyond

Though some may find these expressions a bit too cheesy, there’s no denying that the human race has always had such a tendency to immortalize their expressions of affection through accessories, e.g. marriage rings, friendship rings, group rings, etcetera. A pendant ring necklace to celebrate ‘eternity’ is only a welcome addition to these aesthetical expressions of feelings. Hence you wouldn’t be hard put to find nowadays a jewelry shop or store offering different designs of this necklace.

Mostly popular in their precious metal forms, particularly diamond, gold, silver and platinum, infinity ring necklaces come in varied designs and carvings, including value. Precious stones, such as emerald, sapphire and jade, are also a popular form of adornment, mostly attached as studs to the infinity symbol. Engravings of messages or names are also a popular feature of these necklaces. The recent explosion in jewelry micro-entrepreneurs have also made it easier for you to get customized jewelry designs for your infinity ring accessory. You can now ask for your own message engravings or name carvings, including the metal and stone choice for the design.

And with the Internet’s technological revolution, these pieces of jewelry are now easily purchased online through web stores. Yep, you can check on the Web today to find out more about the different choices that you have when buying them online, including how to make pre-orders and arranged delivery. There is a quite long list of online jewelry stores today that offer amazing packages and customize services for infinity ring necklace jewelries. Go check them out!