Sterling Silver Infinity Ring

ringsilverInfinity Ring in Sterling Silver

Rings have existed for the longest time. These things we wear in our fingers are already there since the early times of civilization, and almost always carry significance that go beyond aesthetics. Depending on the owner, the ring may represent something he/she is holding on to. One great example of this is the infinity ring. Worn by 2 or more people, these rings are a sign of love, respect, and partnership that will stretch for as long as they live. While all kinds of materials exist out there, an infinity ring in sterling silver is still the best in so many ways.

Which material?

There are all kinds of materials used for jewelry such as rings. Premium alloys such as gold and platinum are among the materials used for creating these commemorative pieces. Still, there are so many reasons why going for sterling silver is your best option for creating these rings (more on these reasons later). Before going further, it would be great to understand first what sterling silver really is.

Sterling silver is essentially a type of alloy involving silver. The mixture of metals and the concentration may fluctuate depending on the desired effect and use, but the standard followed is that the alloy must be composed of around 92.5% pure silver. As for the remaining 7.5%, it may contain a combination of different kinds of metals such as copper, zinc, and platinum. For most people involved in metal craft, they consider this as the best combination mainly because of its functionality. Pure silver and fine silver (99% silver alloy) may be valuable in terms of purity, but they are too soft to be functional. Properties of the finished product are based on how the combination is made.

Sterling silver = test of time !

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Sterling silver has stood the test of time as a building material. In fact, this metal is still highly valued today, just like how it is highly valued during the early times. Still, you might be a little hesitant on why you should get that infinity ring in sterling silver. Here are some of the reasons why choosing sterling silver might be on your best interest.

  • Attractiveness – As flashy as other materials are, there’s something about silver that is distinctively attractive. It might be the cool shade that blends with just about everything. It might be the classic flavor it brings. Sterling silver is simply timeless, and should look very charming in just about any kind of outfit.
  • Toughness – Among all “jewelry metals”, sterling silver is arguably the most durable. It is made in such a way that it can last for years without showing any form of wear or tarnish. It’s not uncommon for vintage silver jewelry to be kept as heirlooms for future generations. If having a ring that lasts is one of your considerations, sterling silver should be at your shortlist.
  • Versatility - An infinity ring in sterling silver is remarkable for its ability to blend in with just about any kind of outfit. Another thing that makes it remarkable, though it’s not often discussed by most, is that sterling silver rings allow for a lot of customization. Because of its neutral shade and shine, sterling silver suits almost all kinds of stones, What’s more, engravings on silver are very attractive too.
  • Price – Sterling silver is a material that deserves respect. As such, the acquisition of products made from this alloy is not cheap by any means. However, the prices for acquiring silver crafts are definitely much lower than other materials such as gold. While there are other factors to be considered such as the design and other add-ons, infinity rings made from sterling silver are generally more affordable than others.

Given that there are all kinds of advantages associated with sterling silver, it makes a ton of sense to go for a sterling silver ring. Whether you are planning to give it to a family member, a close friend, or a special someone, an infinity ring in stainless silver should work very well around your fingers. Different sizes are available for different hand sizes, and options for customization are abundant. For those looking for a ring to commemorate unity and everlasting love, an infinity ring in sterling silver should be perfect.