White Gold Infinity Rings

goldinfinityInfinity Ring in White Gold
White gold is one of the premiere materials in jewelry. Highly renowned for its unique and elegant luster, this material is highly sought after in a lot of circles. While not as immediately recognizable like their yellow gold counterparts, jewelry made from white gold are rising in popularity very fast. Because of this, it’s not uncommon anymore to see infinity rings made from this material. What are the reasons why you should get an infinity ring in white gold? Here are just some of the most compelling reasons, combined with some unique facts about the material and the ring itself.

So what is the significance of the infinity ring? Among all kinds of accessories, it is the wearing of rings that carries possibly the most significance to its wearers. The infinity ring is one such example of a commemorative item. These rings are created as a virtual covenant between 2 people to share a bond that lasts forever. While most people think that only lovers can wear it, it certainly is not the case. It is not uncommon for friends, siblings, and other people who have a common bond to wear an infinity ring as a sign of an eternal partnership.

An infinity ring in white gold would be constructed out of white gold, of course. But how exactly are these rings designed? Just like most rings, there is virtually no limit as to how its design would be pulled off. Some go for a plain look, while others go for an assortment of details such as knots and engravings. Regardless of what the couple wants for their rings, the centerpiece would always be the infinity sign. As most people would say, a ring is not an infinity ring without that infinity sign. The presence of this symbol represents continuity. Since it represents the pledge of a continuous partnership, the infinity sign represents everything these rings stands for.

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Infinity rings are made in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Given the number of options available on the market, why should you exactly go for an infinity ring in white gold? The secret mainly lies on the material itself.

  • Subtlety – A lot of materials such as yellow gold and platinum certainly carry a lot of flash. While that is never a bad thing, some people simply want something that is equally precious but has a somewhat “low-key” feel to it. For those who want something that’s deceptively attractive, you can’t go wrong with white gold. It is not flashy, but is certainly very attractive.
  • Durability – Among precious metals, white gold is among the most pursued one. One of the biggest reasons is the ring’s superior durability. It has hardness that surpasses other popular jewelry metals, and its color is also more resistant to tarnishing. This is mainly attributed to the nickel, palladium, and manganese mixed with the metal.
  • Allergies are rare - While allergies can occasionally happen (about 1 out of 8 people experience skin allergies due to white gold), allergies due to white gold are rare compared to other jewelry metals. The main reason behind the reduction of these allergies is the lessened nickel content, a common allergen found in most alloys used for jewelry.

Given these advantages, you might be compelled to get an infinity ring in white gold. The problem is you probably might not have an idea where you can get one of these materials. One great idea is going to your local jewelry shop. A lot of these shops offer ready-made rings for both men and women. At the same time, you can also customize your own ring. You can ask the jeweler if they are offering customizing options. Some do basic personalization techniques such as the addition of stones and engraving, while others allow you to design your ring from the ground up. Each option carries a corresponding price, so make sure to explore your options first.

An infinity ring in white gold should be the perfect symbol for a lifetime of love, respect, and partnership. Not only are such rings steeped with significance, but they can also catch the attention of anyone. Of course, you got to remember that no matter what design you choose or cost you underwent to purchase these rings, the most important thing is you must live up to the real meaning of such rings.